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Regarding fan art submissions:
Please include your name and location in the world (and website URL if you have one) to attach to your fan art, you can also include your age, if you would like to. As for image size, it doesn't really matter. However, if the images are wider than 600 pixels we do have to shrink them down. Height size is unlimited. Please send the file as a JPEG, so that we can edit it to the appropriate size if necessary. With regards to content of the fan art, vulgar or potentially offensive material will not be put up. No nudity, no swearing, no drugs, etc. And please do NOT send us any MS Paint bitmaps, they kill our email inbox. Any emails that exceed 1MB are automatically deleted, so keep your file sizes down. Also, due to the sheer number of fan art that we receive everyday, it is impossible for us to put up every single fan art that is sent to us, but as long as it looks like you took some time and put some thought into your fan art submission, we will likely put it up on the website. It's just that we don't want people sending us some crappy amoeba scribblings and calling it a white ninja is all. Thank you and we look forward to your submissions.

Please note: We do not do link exchanges with other websites. We only link to websites that we read on a regular basis.
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